Memorial Ceremony in Messina

On November 26th the students involved in the  youth exchange project held a ceremony at school. It was in a classroom because the twenty children were deprived of learning while  staying in the ghetto, in Birkenau and in Neuengamme, Students set the table. On a linen cross-stitched tablecloth especially made by Professor Lazzaro for the occasion students  prepared for twenty with colourful designer paper plates, napkins and cups. Each set included a child’s name bookmark, an exclusive embroidered butterfly, representing their short life, a crochet white rose, representing their innocence and a little painted heart representing  our hug to each child. Once the table was set students ate bread and meat sitting at the table because in concentration camps the children could never have a real meal, On a desk students put a Menorah, an old desk calendar with the day and month the children were killed just behind a bottle of wine called 1945 to mark the year the tragedy occurred. There was also a kirigami butterfly especially made for the conference given in Uppsala by Professor Lazzaro in 2013, The ceremony marked the day the children were chosen by Mengele and since in Messina we wanted to remember Sergio’s birthday which occurs on the 29th,  one of the stiudents‘ mother prepared a cake with the anniversary design.Another mother presented to the  Professor twenty cross stitched butterflies. The ceremony was also attended by special guests, Chiara Leo and Maestro Piero Blanca who played the violin and the piano. They played the theme La vita è bella and Schindler’s List.  The students presented also their  suitcases  to honor the children and  also their interpretation of some poems.

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