An interview on skype with Andra Bucci and her daughter Tatiana from Sacramento by the Hamburg group in Messina

Today the first class was a special one for the those of us known as the Hamburg group. Serena, Giulia,Trisha, Sarah, Leo, Giovanni, Emilio, Alberto,Andrea and Gabry Another group of classmates sat to listen and take notes. It was moving to hear Tatiana and her mum. We all got the chance to ask one or more questions. We wanted to give them both a big hug and although we know it is very painful to talk about the tragic story the Perlow family went through we  really hope to give Andra a big hug. Emilio dared to ask Andra to have dinner with us on January 12 when she comes to Messina but she said she doesn’t know what  schedule she and her sister have got. We want to meet Sergio’s cousins becuse they were in Birkenau 11 with all the other children who Mengele chose for the Neuengamme expiriments.   On Wednesday,Giovanni, Emilio and Andrea went to the Public Library and read three poems from our teacher’s book. We spoke about Marek James, Eduard Hornemann and W.Junglieb. We  said how big is our bond with the twenty children. It would be nice to be in the Palacultura with students  from other schools. Messina will never have such an opportunity.

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