When you visit Hamburg you will stay at the A&O Hostel in the Spaldingstraße. It is easy to reach from the main Station and it is not far away from the Bullenhuser Damm Memorial. But there is another, a historical reason related to Bullenhuser Damm and therefor to the research of the students, why we have chosen this place .

Hammerbrook is one of the areas of Hamburg that were almost completely destroyed during the Allied air-raids in the summer of 1943. Forced labourers, POWs and concentration camp prisoners were deployed by the Hamburg City Council and many private enterprises to clear the rubble, recover dead bodies and defuse unexploded ordnance.

In November 1944, the SS set up a satellite camp for male prisoners at the severely damaged complex on Spaldingstraße to house the Neuengamme concentration camp prisoners who were forced to carry out this kind of work. With between 2,000 and 2,500 prisoners, the Spaldingstraße camp was the largest Neuengamme satellite camp in the city of Hamburg itself. The majority of the prisoners came from the Soviet Union, Poland, Belgium, the Netherlands and Denmark.


Between 18 and 24 of the Soviet prisoners from the Spaldingstraße satellite camp were brought to Bullenhuser Damm on 1945 20th April. Several of these prisoners are said to have escaped, and at least three of them were shot by SS men when they were trying to get away. The other men were murdered at Bullenhuser Damm like the 20 children and their carers.

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