Learning history from those who lived it

Tuesday morning was a very beautiful sunny day in Messina when eight hundred students from different schools of the city centre met at Palacultura Antonello da Messina the two youngest  Italian survivors of the holocaust. Andra and Tatiana were in Birkenau 11 with  a lot  of children. They were together with their  cousin  Sergio and the other nineteen children who answered Mengele’s question „step forward if you want to see your mother“. The highest authorities greeted Andra and Tatiana and  among the speakers there was Professor Lazzaro who was invited to speak as the author of a book on the Bullenhuser Damm Children. Tatiana Bucci thanked her for what she does in keeping the memory alive of the twenty children.

We learnt what was life like in the camp and  we listened with tears when they told about their arrest and the awful trip to Auschwitz. It is painful to remember but they do it for young people so they can learn history from those who lived it. It was sad to see them been taken away by a RAI journalist because  no students got the chance to ask questions. We feel lucky knowing that Prof Lazzaro gives us the opportunity to meet relatives of the children.  Giovanni, Alberto, Leo, Emilio, Andrea, Serena, Sara, Giulia, Trisha, Gabriele.

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