Meeting Relatives

Here is a photo of  the meeting with Andra and Tatiana Bucci in Messina. This meeting took place on January 12 in a local Comprehensive school. Only seven students of the group were present. Giulia is the girl between Tatiana and Andra Bucci.

Right behind Andra there is Serena, very difficult tont oo see and next to her Sarah. Alberto is next to her but behind Emilio. Giovanni is in front of him and next to him there is Gabry.

Work is moving forward in Hamburg

Since November 2014 15 pupils from Fritz-Schumacher-Schule in Hamburg are engaged with the history of the crime at Bullenhuser Damm during the Nazi Regime.

The school is associated for several years with the museum at Bullenhuser Damm and therefore we are glad to participate at the youth exchange project in April.

After an introduction to the history of the crime the pupils developed own questions and chose their research subjects autonomously.

A groups of four boys is concerned with selected perpetrators, two girls are researching on the medical experiments on 20 children. A further group of two boys has decided to work on the living conditions of the children in the barrack in the concentration camp Neuengamme.

Furthermore the other pupils will interview some Hamburg residents to find out how the remembrance of the crime is maintained in Hamburg. Special highlights will be interviews with the mayor of Hamburg, Olaf Scholz, and the Hamburg Secretary of Education, Ties Rabe.

We are looking forward to present our results and to the presentations of the other groups.