Workshop impressions

Workshop Interview

discussions in the workshops

workshop feedback

End-of-the-day-presentation. What have we done today?

Some more impressions from the workshops – saturday and sunday in Neuengamme concentration camp Memorial. Workshop 1: interviews with family members and participants; Workshop 2: planning to participate in the commemoration ceremony; Workshop 3: Handling history; Workshop 4: Remembrance and the Internet; Workshop 5: Documentation: A Video Workshop

video workshop

Video Workshop

workshop work

Researching and planning

international teams do a self-guided tour

doing self-guided tours in international teams to get familiar with the Memorial on saturday morning

Ein Gedanke zu „Workshop impressions

  1. I just attended your beautiful commemoration this evening, your collective contribution and presence made it all the more special. I would like to thank you all for this, both the people who made more visible contributions on the night, but also the many more that had other inputs that were not quite so obvious.
    The story of the 20 children, their carers and the unnamed soldiers give everybody a lot to think about war and injustice (and many other things besides). It is clear from you short film that this was not lost on you all. Thanks again
    Dr Guy Reeves, Hamburg.

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