Statements about the future of Remembrance

Remember Bullenhuser Damm

Workshop III Statements

  • Remembrance should be combined with the internet in the sense that more of the correct information is available to children and adults around the world.
  • We think that remembrance ceremonies should be broadcasted live online but should still be held locally.
  • It is important to remember the Shoah.
  • Respect all People.
  • I think that we should talk about history with our ancestors.
  • We learn from our ancestors because they remember history and can teach us a lot. 
  • The places are important and have to be kept alive so that people are reminded of what has happened.
  • It must not be forgotten and the same mistakes shouldn’t be made again. 
  • We need to keep talking about it, from generation to generation.
  • The way of remembrance shouldn’t change a lot from the way we remember today.

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