The speech

Speech for the commemoration ceremony at the Bullenhuser Damm Memorial, 20.4.2015


We are students from different countries who came together last Thursday and our project about the Bullenhuser Damm started.

We all came for different reasons. For example we from the Netherlands came here because close to our school is a monument fort he two Dutch boys that were hung at Bullenhuser Damm.

The polish students are here because they went to the Auschwitz Memorial the year before and learned about the subject at school.

The German students from Hamburg are here because they grew up in the land of the perpetrators and they wanted to take part at this international project to show that Germans have changed and to make a statement against racism.

The Italian and the French students came here because they were interested in what happened at Bullenhuser Damm and the Neuengamme Concentration Camp.

Now that you have an idea why we are here, we will talk about our experience.

It is nice to be in Hamburg and to meet people from other countries and to communicate with them and for example see parts of Hamburg together.

But when we see things like the emptiness of this school or of the former concentration camp, when we hear the history of this places or we talk about it and discuss with the students from the other countries, we all get this strange feeling. It’s really shocking and sad that people and children have been treated line this.

We feel sorry for all of them.

And though we can not change what happened, the question is, how we can remember today.

We think the internet can be used for remembering, because a lot of young people are using the internet.

Another thing is that we could remember every 20th of April about this crime at Bullenhuser Damm, as we do right now.

We will remember the 20 children when we go home and talk about their story.

We hope if everybody remembers this and realises how terrible it was, it won’t happen again.

Next to us are 20 balloons. One for every child that was killed here.

Later, when we plant the roses, we want to release the balloons. Connected to every balloon there is a card with the name of one of the 20 children and their date of birth and date of death.

On this cards we also wrote down the homepage of this Memorial, because we hope, that when somebody finds this card, this person can find out more about that child and the Other children and their story, so that it will be remembered.

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