Remember Bullenhuser Damm – the film

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the murder of twenty Jewish children at an abandoned school building called Bullenhuser Damm, young people from five European countries met in Hamburg from April 16-20, 2015. They came from Radom (Poland), Eindhoven (The Netherlands), Paris (France), Messina (Italy) and Hamburg (Germany).

For this project, the young people did research on the Bullenhuser Damm children in their own countries, went to the archives and memorials and did interviews on the subject of remembrance. They presented the results of their research in Hamburg through the posters and films they made.

During their stay in Hamburg they attended workshops: they shared their thoughts on the future of remembrance, personally met the children’s relatives and participated in the 70th anniversary commemorative ceremony.

One workshop produced this film.

aus film 2

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