About the project

Young people from different countries in Europe have the opportunity to interact and contri­bute to our European commemorative culture. This will encourage cultural diversity and arouse mutual understanding, respect and tolerance towards other religions and cultures. They will contribute to a merging Europe and a recognition of common roots. The participants can articulate shared values and develop an understanding of history. They may also learn to take responsibility for a future culture of remembrance.

We will bring young people from differ­ent countries together to exchange their personal experiences and opinions about history and their own values. They are invited to develop their own, future-oriented, ideas towards a new European commemorative culture.

Young people from Europe have the opportunity to parti­cipate in this project that deals with the Europeanization of commemorative culture on the basis of concrete examples. The students are able to learn which results discrimination, social exclusion and persecution will lead to in society: On the 20th of April 1945, 20 Jewish children from France, Poland, Italy, Yugoslavia and the Netherlands were murdered in the former school Bullenhuser Damm in Hamburg, after they had been abused of medical experiments.

The participants of this project are invited to take a look into history. They will learn about the fate of children from their country. They are invited to think about the past and to discuss about commemoration in the present and how they think remembrance will look like in the future.

A project by the Neuengamme concentration camp Memorial and the Association children of Bullenhuser Damm.

Participating Schools:

Collège Modigliani, Paris
Van Maerlantlyceum, Eindhoven
Ogólnokształcące Liceum Językowe z Oddziałami Dwujęzycznymi im. Unii Europejskiej, Radom
Istituto Comprensivo 9 Manzoni Dina eClarenza, Messina
Fritz-Schumacher-Stadtteilschule, Hamburg

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