Module 3: Meeting in Hamburg

All groups will meet in Hamburg for five days in April 2015. They will get to know each other, familiarize themselves with the Bullenhuser Damm Memorial and visit the memorials in Neuengamme and in Burgwedel. The pupils will share their findings and exchange their experiences. There will be workshops for them to choose from, so the pupils can form international groups to work on a specific topic depending on their personal interests, like:

  • Consequences for a respectful society
  • Meeting with relatives
  • Preparing an interview,
  • Producing a film/an audio about the youth meeting
  • Planning the ceremony
  • What does remembrance look like and how do we want to remember in the future?

Module 2: Presentation

Every class creates a presentation about their town, their child, its history and the most important facts that they researched before. All presentations will be shown at the Bullenhuser Damm Memorial. During all the project time they are encouraged to write down their experiences in the online-blog under „My Research“

Module 1: Research

Tenth graders from the victim’s hometowns focus on one child’s biography and the crime. They receive informa­tion material translated into English concerning the biography, historical information and footage from the Neuengamme Memorial. In each town, the pupils research independently in what way the victims are still commemorated today (for example if a place is named after a murdered child). They also search for places that are still connected to the children, like their former houses, schools or ghettos. They may also contact relatives  and do research in local archives. All pupils engage with the project and have to deal with the Nazi past of their town. What does history have to do with me today? What do I know about the history of the Jewish Community in my hometown? German pupils have the task of researching the post-history of the crime. How were the children identified? How were the relatives approached and what’s the memorial’s own history?