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End-of-the-day-presentation. What have we done today?

Some more impressions from the workshops – saturday and sunday in Neuengamme concentration camp Memorial. Workshop 1: interviews with family members and participants; Workshop 2: planning to participate in the commemoration ceremony; Workshop 3: Handling history; Workshop 4: Remembrance and the Internet; Workshop 5: Documentation: A Video Workshop

video workshop

Video Workshop

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Researching and planning

international teams do a self-guided tour

doing self-guided tours in international teams to get familiar with the Memorial on saturday morning

Interview with the mayor by the German students

On his Facebook and on his Twitter page, the mayor of Hamburg, Olaf Scholz, mentioned the interview he was giving to the German students of the Youth Project. Please have a look:

On Facebook:

On Twitter:

Olaf Scholz Foto Pressestelle des Senates

photo: Pressestelle des Senats

Meeting relatives

Students from Messina have had  the opportunity of meeting Mark James through skype twice in 2013. They have met Mario de Simone last March when he came to school as a guest. On December 19th they will be talking with Tatiana Pezzoni. When she went with Sergio’s mother to Hamburg she was 19.  Her mum was in  Birkenau 11 with her sister and they both survived because they didn’t step forward.

Project is going forward in the schools

As we have heard the project is doing great progress. Well done everybody in Messina, Eindhoven, Radom, Hamburg and Paris!

France: Anne told us: On the 4th of december Françoise Morgenstern (cousin of Jacqueline Morgenstern) visited the school and the students. And it was quite emotional for all of them.

Poland: Anna writes: „We have been doing some research in our local archives and we’ve been sucessful in finding out some details about some of the children and their parents who lived in Radom. We have taken some photos. The kids have been really busy in the last few weeks with their studies. We are planning to use the information gathered to prepare a series of lectures and invite other schools to attend them.“